Magni Lips
Magnified lips without any surgeries? That's possible!

Are you dreaming of having lips like the stars on red carpet, which simply can’t be unnoticed? Are you struggling with dry, chapped lips, on which you can’t even apply a lipstick? Now you can forget about it – with Magni Lips you will look overwhelmingly fresh and sexy already from the first application, and all imperfections will disappear before you know it.

Magni Lips

Magni Lips is an innovative lip gloss, which, apart from complementing your make-up, is also an outstanding treatment for very dry lips – it magnifies your lips without any surgical intervention! Thanks to the combination of collagen, known for its moisturising properties, with Acmella, an African plant, it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, nourishing them and thus making them look fresh. Right after the first application of the lip gloss, your lips are smoother and, above all, fuller – this effect persists for the whole day, and when you use it longer – it is visible even if the lip gloss has not been applied. Importantly, the lip gloss is not sticky and does not smudge, so you can use it in all everyday situations. It adapts to the natural colour of the lips, but you can also apply it together with a lipstick or a lip gloss with a more intense colour.



As it’s very fast absorbed, it moisturises, regenerates and nourishes the lips immediately after the application. It also minimizes the effects of chapped lips, making them supple.


It smooths your lips, making them soft and full. Long-lasting effects guaranteed – the magnifying effect is maintained even when you no longer use the lip gloss. It reduces visible wrinkles and imperfections.

Why choose Magni Lips?


The effect of magnified lips is maintained for a long time, and you can forget about problems with dry lips forever.


The lip gloss will make your make-up ultra sexy – everyone will notice you!


Due to the unique, clinically proven composition, the lip gloss guarantees 100% effectiveness – both in terms of regeneration of the skin of your lips and the magnifying effect.


Let your lips become your most important asset – order Magni Lips and unleash their inherent beauty!

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